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Election Summary

This module summarizes the options available to voters in each election.


Here are a few of the main features:


This will track elections of all sizes - from small city elections to huge country-wide elections.

The system will show viewers their upcoming elections at all levels. 

Each election will have its own list of important issues - as decided by the community. These election issues will allow viewers to easily see the content related to that topic for the election.

Candidates & Parties

Viewers can see a list of the positions being voted on within the election, and the candidates competing for each role.

Any known Stances that candidates have taken on election issues can be logged here as well, allowing for an easy comparison of candidate stances across a range of topics.


Where appropriate, the party platform will also appear for candidates running with a party (as a vote for them is a vote for that platform).

Where are we at?

Two different prototypes are currently available: one for the 2019 Canadian Federal Election (to showcase how a large election split into regions would work) and the 2020 United Stated Presidential Primaries (to showcase how candidates might be compared with no emphasis on region or comparing parties)

See the prototype here.

Note: The orange boxes at the top of each page act as a basic guide to explain what you are seeing, these would not be in the final app.

What is planned?

This is far from an exhaustive list, but here are a few of the important elements the final app should have (that the prototype does not):

  • For party-based elections, show party details and platform in more places

  • Make regional elections more streamlined for election/region selection

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