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The Challenge

Elections are full of claims about what happened in the past, and promises of future actions if elected. But they are also full of exaggerations, half-truths, and outright lies: sometimes known as spin.

With many information sources full of spin and political bias, how are voters meant to know what is true? This becomes especially important for undecided voters, as they will be looking at the available information to inform their decision.

The Solution

There are two parts to this solution.

First, the wiki. This provides an area to enter information about a politician – from how they voted while in office to where their campaign financing comes from. Proof is the backbone of the wiki, and the history for a politician must be backed up by proof that anyone can review if they feel like digging deeper.

The second part of the solution is an election tool to help voters compare the candidates competing for each role. As well as being supported by the information for each person in the wiki, voters will also be able to vote on important election topics and crowdsource the details of where each politician stands on those issues – providing there is proof. Alternatively, if an election topic proves popular enough, candidates may join the conversation themselves and answer directly.

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