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Politician History

This module summarizes the history for a politician - both their attempts during elections, and actual results in office if elected.


Here are a few of the main features:

Campaign Promises

This area will track the promises each person makes during an election. 
For those that win the election, these campaign promises will also record if they fulfilled their campaign promise after being elected.

Important Events

This area will show the most important events to consider for each politician - their achievements, scandals, crimes, etc. 
The member community can then vote on the importance of each event, which decides the order the events should be listed.

Legislation History 

This area record the role each politician plays in legislation. This includes introducing or sponsoring legislation, as well as voting on it or signing it.

Financial Ties

This area shows the financial assistance received for each politician. It shows the amounts received per industry, and compares this information to legislation history to watch for legislation that benefits their donors.

Where are we at?

A prototype has been created using fictional characters. This initial version has quite a few features mentioned above, although much more demo content is still needed.

See the prototype here.

Note: The orange boxes at the top of each page act as a basic guide to explain what you are seeing, these would not be in the final app.

What is planned?

This is far from an exhaustive list, but here are a few of the important elements the final app should have (that the prototype does not):

  • (to be determined)

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