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The Challenge

Misinformation is everywhere.

We are constantly presented with conflicting information on nearly every topic - politics, religion, science, even the events reported in the news. We can’t seem to agree on what things mean, what we should do about them, or even if they happened at all.

What can we do about it? How does someone know which information to trust?

The Solution

To help explain our plan to fight misinformation, here is a quick explanation of three core modules we expect Wikilection to have:


Next, we’ll cover each of those modules in a bit more depth - by covering three vital elements for each one.


By now, we hope you are asking “why should I trust THIS information over the other sources?”

Trust is incredibly important in a platform like this - both trust in the people powering it, and the information it provides. We will be working with the community (including you, hopefully) to figure out what Wikilection needs to earn your trust.

We will be reaching out through a variety of channels to start collecting feedback. Here is what we have in mind so far:

Requirement for Trust

As you can probably tell - this is no small feat. There is a LOT do before we have the platform we need to effectively fight misinformation.
So how do we get there from here? Here is a breakdown of the phases we expect the project to go through (we are in Phase 1 right now).

Project Timeline

Some of you may have questions about the order of the phases. Let's start with the first two.


First, we need the community to ensure the project isn't based on how just a few people think it should work. The end result needs to be useful to everyone, so we need to include as many people as possible in the planning process.


Next, the discussion tool will serve as a proof of concept for one of our biggest challenges - how to capture and summarize wildly different opinions on topics with plenty of misinformation.

We will be reaching out to the public in the near future to gather feedback.

For updates on the project, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter (Patreon coming soon).

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